Misconceptions & Myths

Some companies will allow you to believe they are “re-enameling” your bath or applying “porcelain”.

They aren’t. They are being deceptive.

That process can only occur in a baking kiln at 800 degrees or so…and that is not ever going to happen in your home.

High quality bath and shower resurfacing simply means that a coating is applied to your bath or shower tray, normally a 2 pac or epoxy. Then it is either cured under a heat lamp (old technology and tends to make the surface brittle) or cured naturally with the newer technology coatings, with a natural 24 hour curing time, which gives a better long term result…… and this is what I provide for you.

These same companies will also tell you that you “can’t apply hot water directly to the surface”. That is absolute rubbish. Our coating can handle anything your hot water tap can throw at it, and then some. It has been tested to temperatures well above boiling point and is ideal for the bathroom environment. 30 years ago that statement may have been true, but not these days with the new technology urethanes.

You will normally find the receptionist who makes the statements above has never resurfaced a bath in their life. Enough said there, but don’t believe the hype. You will pay far more than you need to if you believe these false claims.

If you’re looking for high quality bath and shower resurfacing in the greater Brisbane area, look no further than Action Resurfacing!

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