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Resurfacing / Refinishing/ Reglazing or Bath Repairs in Brisbane – Call it what you will.  All these terms refer to the same thing and we’ve got the solution!

At Action Resurfacing we specialise in all resurfacing and high quality bath repairs in the greater Brisbane area.

The surface is prepared and a coating is professionally applied. We use a specialised High-Viscosity Polymer coating, as used in the maritime and automotive industries, where super tough protection is needed. It is ideally suited to the purpose of shower tray and bath resurfacing. The coating produces a high gloss finish, long life and durability, ease of cleaning and great scuff and stain resistance.

What really matters when your bath or shower tray are resurfaced, is how thoroughly the surface preparation is carried out, the care taken and the skill of the applicator.

Yes the coating is important, but a distant second to workmanship. Our skilled team can offer affordable and high quality bath resurfacing and repairs in the greater Brisbane area to get your bathroom looking brand new again.

If you need resurfacing and high quality bath repairs in the greater Brisbane area, we have the solutions for every bathroom. Give us a call today.

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